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By  Andrea Taylor,   posted May 14, 2013
I've some questions before going on with the order: - Does the dress have some kind of lining on the bottom (skirt of the dress)? - In your announcement you ask the measurement from hollow to floor, but for short dresses I think it's more important to tell you the lenght of the dress I need. Can I send you this measurement too? - What about the delivering cost? I didn't found it on the announcement.
By  Customer Service Center,   posted May 14, 2013
Hi,thank you for your inquiry. 1)All our dresses have linings. 2)For the dress, you can add remark of the specific length you want from waist to hem of the skirt in your order. We will make the dress in the length you require.3)As to the shipping cost,as different dresses have different weights,they have different shipping costs, you can add the dress to the cart, you will see the shipping cost by two shipping methods. Enjoy your shopping here.
By  Olivia Bowen,   posted May 11, 2013
How can I make sure I'm ordering the right size?
By  Customer Service Center,   posted May 11, 2013
Hi,thank you for your inquiry. When ordering a dress for your special occasion online, you're right to pay close attention to getting the size right! Since we're an international company, our clothing may run larger or smaller than the standard sizes you're used to. Checking the actual measurements in our size chart and comparing them to your own measurements before placing your order is the best way to avoid size errors.  If you're ordering a custom-sized dress, it's especially important to get your measurements exactly right. Getting professionally measured is the most reliable way to ensure the final product reaches you perfectly tailored. Be sure to check out our measuring guide .If your size fluctuates or you want to modify the dress slightly, we always leave a few inches in the seams so that your local tailor can easily make alterations as needed. Enjoy your shopping here.
By  ledda macera,   posted May 10, 2013
It would be most helpful if there more more choices of long sleeves or the option of adding sleeves to some exixting dresses since it can be a little cooler up here in the North depending on the time of year. Many thanks,
By  Customer Service Center,   posted May 10, 2013
Hi,thank you for your inquiry. We can add sleeves for sleeveless dress. But you need to send us the pictures of the sleeves' style at first. Then we will quote you the price. Also, you can order some fabric, then add sleeves in your local place. Enjoy your shopping here.
By  rhian,   posted May 9, 2013
i amm interested in getting a gown custom made.If i send u a photograph will you be able to reproduce the same gown? The gown was not taken from your website. I urgently await your response.
By  Customer Service Center,   posted May 9, 2013
Hi,thank you for your inquiry. We can make dresses according to the picture.  Could you please first send the picture of the dress to us by email?  We will see whether we can make it,  if we can,we will quote for it. Enjoy your shopping here.
By  susie,   posted May 9, 2013
Hi there, I just ordered this dress with you guys and I ordered the wrong color. I was wondering if I could switch it to Royal Blue instead. Thank You.
By  Customer Service Center,   posted May 9, 2013
Hi,thank you for your inquiry. OK, dear.We will change the color to royal blue instead of dark navy. Please don't worry. Enjoy your shopping here.
By  Kathleen Rettke,   posted May 9, 2013
Hi I wrote to u guys , I didn't get message. I was inquiring about getting a dress. I just dealt with fraud n I am scared to order . Someone please email or call me thank u so much
By  Customer Service Center,   posted May 9, 2013
Hi,thank you for your inquiry. We are a legal company. We have made dresses for several years. And we have complete Return Policy to guarantee the dresses. Here is our Return Policy for your reference:  We promise we will make the dress perfect for you if you order from us. Enjoy your shopping here.
By  Tiencia James,   posted May 7, 2013
I need to tracking number on my dress ASAP. And I need my dress here ASAP the wedding is in 12 days and I still need it to be altered..
By  Customer Service Center,   posted May 7, 2013
Hi,thank you for your inquiry. Your dress is on the way and we have sent the tracking number to your email,please check it. Enjoy your shopping here.
By  Ithamara Allison,   posted May 6, 2013
I have some questions and concerns about this particular dress and the available colors. I looked at the color chart and I was wondering it it is available in yellow, gold, or jade? Your prompt consideration of this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
By  Customer Service Center,   posted May 6, 2013
Hi,thank you for your inquiry. You can choose any color from the color chart. Enjoy your shopping here.
By  Kendra Simon,   posted May 5, 2013
where are you located and what is your return policy?
By  Customer Service Center,   posted May 5, 2013
Hi,thank you for your inquiry. We are in Chian and this is our return policy . Enjoy your shopping here.
By  Spence,   posted May 4, 2013
Hi, I am interested in this dress, I was wondering if you can tell me if it has boning in the bodice to give the body some shape?
By  Customer Service Center,   posted May 4, 2013
Hi,thank you for your inquiry. Yes,all our dresses have boning on the bodice. Enjoy your shopping here.